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What is the difference between a tube sterilizer and a plate sterilizer?
Edit:Zhangjiagang Tianbao Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-08-30

The plate sterilizer consists of plate heat exchanger centrifugal sanitary pump, material balance cylinder and hot water equipment (including hot water tank, hot water pump, water heater, manual active and full active).

The control system control components are all selected brand-name products, including PLC program controller and industrial control panel, pneumatic three-way return valve (hereinafter referred to as return valve) connecting pipe, support structure and other components, forming an overall structure.

The plate heat exchanger is composed of a multi-stage process combination of preheating, homogenization (the plant does not contain homogenization), sterilization, heat preservation and cooling according to the process requirements. All fluid fittings, such as valves and fittings, are made of high quality specifications.

The plate sterilizer is widely used in the food industry, especially for the sterilization or ultra-high temperature sterilization of heat sensitive materials such as milk, soy milk, juice drinks, ice cream, rice wine, beer and the like. In the processing of health beverages in the pharmaceutical industry, it has also been implemented.

The tube sterilizer and the plate sterilizer differ greatly in price, the former is about 10 times more expensive than the latter, but the sterilization and service life plate sterilizer cannot be compared with the tube sterilizer.

The sterilization effect of the tube sterilizer is agile, it is used for all microorganisms; it is generally non-toxic after dilution; it is not affected by water hardness; it forms a film on the surface of the equipment; the concentration is easy to measure; it is easy to measure; it can remove malodor.

Tube sterilizers are widely used in all-active systems for "sterile" and "non-sterile" heat treatment of liquid foods. The viscosity of the product is large and can be adapted to fibers and granules.

The production capacity of the tubular UHT sterilization machine produced by Huihe Machinery can be 1~30t/h, and the typical sterilization temperature is 90~140°C, which can be connected to any filling machine (sterile or other types).

The sterilization machine and control system are installed on the chassis, and the control components are all selected from world famous brand products, including PLC program controller and industrial control panel, steam decompression and regulating valve, diverter valve, pressure regulator valve, material pump and hot water pump. All liquid fittings, such as other valves and fittings, are made of high quality and high reliability.